AGS offers a very wide range of services in both Procurement and International Trade for all kinds of businesses and individuals.


At Ason Global Services, we specialise in International Trade, which consists of the buying and selling of goods and services around the world. We facilitate and participate in the trading of goods and services between local and foreign businesses and individuals. Some of the products we trade include raw materials, minerals, natural resources and consumable products.



We assist our local clients in Nigeria with the exportation of their products to multiple countries. Based on our clientele in foreign regions, we’re able to partner our local clients with the right people who then help with the expansion of their businesses into various foreign markets.



AGS facilitates the importation of goods and services from several countries across the world. Whether it’s our local clients looking to import products from foreign countries, or foreign clients looking to expand their businesses into the Nigerian market, we assist with the importation of various goods and services to Nigeria. We focus on the importation of niche products and specialized servies in the various industries.